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Tips: Long-Distance Travel With Special Needs Kids


Whether you are attending a special occasion or have been planning a vacation with the family for a while now, it can be a challenge to travel with a child who has special needs. Doing so requires a lot of planning and in some cases, bringing along special equipment. Luckily, non-emergency transportation services have made it easier to plan long-distance road trips.

As a trusted provider of paratransit in Virginia, we will share tips for traveling long-distance with a special needs child:

  • Plan for the trip.

    Going on a long-distance road trip with a special needs child requires a lot of planning. Take the time to research possible destinations and map out routes for when you need to take bathroom breaks. Opt for accommodations that offer accessibility to enhance your child’s comfort.

  • Prepare your child.

    Kids with special needs, such as those with developmental disabilities tend to act out when their schedule is suddenly disrupted. In the weeks leading up to the trip, start talking about the upcoming vacation. This helps set expectations and makes it easier for your child to adjust.

  • Arrange adequate transportation.

    When traveling long-distance, the best option is to use non-emergency medical transportation. NEMT vehicles are safe and can accommodate your child’s needs. These vehicles have features like a vehicle wheelchair lift and offer more space to ensure comfort.

EliteTrans is a leading provider of exceptional non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia. Among our services, we offer long-distance trips to ensure comfort, convenience, and safety. Contact us to book our NEMT services for your next trip.

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