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Making Long-Distance Travel in a Wheelchair Easier


For most people who use a wheelchair, traveling long-distance can be daunting. However, road trips are the primary mode of transportation for vacationers and travelers alike. Road trips offer privacy and enable the exploration of the landscape along the way. Fortunately, non-emergency medical transportation services can be arranged for long-distance travel.

As a trusted provider of passenger transportation in Midlothian, Virginia, we will share tips to make long-distance travel in a wheelchair easier:

  • Plot strategic restroom stops.
    When traveling on the road, wheelchair-accessible restrooms will be necessary depending on the length of your trip. Knowing which places offer this feature will make the journey more enjoyable. Many toll roads have designated rest stops that are usually wheelchair-accessible, with some offering companion care restrooms.
  • Pack the essentials.
    For multi-day road trips, pack a bag or two for each day. That gives you less luggage to bring back and forth to a hotel room and keeps your items organized. Individuals using motorized wheelchairs may also want to consider bringing a folding travel wheelchair for easier packing.
  • Plan for extra time.
    With road trips, factors like weather and traffic can affect the time spent on the road. Hence, it’s best to plan for extra time, including breaks along the way. That will provide ample time for rest stops to use the bathroom, eat, or get out of the vehicle and take a break from the road.

We at EliteTrans offer a wide selection of non-emergency medical transportation to meet your needs. Whether you need 24/7 service, transportation for long-distance trips, or paratransit in Virginia, we have got you covered. Call us to learn more about our services and book a ride with us.

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