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Ensuring Safe Transportation for Seniors

Seniors are one of the vulnerable sectors of the population who experiences barriers to transportation. A decline in their vision or lack of mobility affects their driving abilities and puts them at risk of automobile accidents. Also, by having limited access to a personal vehicle, they may need to rely on their family members or public transportation services.

Thus, having a safe, reliable, and accessible transportation system will greatly help improve their autonomy and convenience in going from one place to another, either to their doctor’s appointments or social events. This will allow them to get out of the sedentary lifestyle and look forward to planning schedules and trips in the future.

If you are looking for senior transportation in Chesterfield, VA, then we are the right choice for you.

EliteTrans offers non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia to aged, adults, and students with physical or cognitive conditions ensuring that they reach their destinations safely and comfortably.

Aside from our vehicles for non-medical transportation, we also provide paratransit in Virginia as a safety net for individuals with disabilities to help them arrive at their locations safely and at a low cost.

Our vehicles are designed to carry stretchers and wheelchairs to ensure that they are carried to their required destinations with utmost security and convenience.

To know more about our transportation services, you can visit our website at http://www.elitetransva.com/ or feel free to talk to us at 804-464-2681.

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