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What to Expect When Your Hire NEMT


Are you planning to hire NEMT for your appointments? You’ve made the right choice. Aside from the fact that the vehicles are fully equipped to cater to the transportation needs of individuals in a wheelchair, there are more things that you can get from reliable non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia.

  • Safety Features
    Your safety and comfort while traveling is the top priority. From the door and chairs to the floor and ceiling, state-of-the-art NEMT vehicles are designed to make a wheelchair or stretcher stable. On top of that, the drivers are licensed and experienced in doing their job.
  • Door-to-Door Service
    Whether you’re going to your doctor’s clinic or buying your groceries, you can find NEMT that can pick you up from your home and drop you at your destination and vice versa. Door-to-door transportation services are created to make your travel convenient and hassle-free.
  • Medical Assistance
    As paratransit in Virginia, NEMT offers medical support whenever needed during your travel. Aside from geared-up vehicles, crews are also equipped to respond to emergencies while you’re using the service. This is in line with the priority to make you safe during your travel.

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