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Using NEMT Services for Running Errands

Using NEMT Services for Running Errands

When we think of non-emergency transportation services, images of medical appointments and hospital transfers typically come to mind. Although NEMT services are great for that, they can also be used for your daily needs. NEMT services can be used for running errands and shopping for a convenient way to get around and maintain one’s independence.

As a provider of paratransit in Virginia, we will discuss a few errands a NEMT provider can help you do:

  • Grocery Shopping

    NEMT services can transport you to the grocery store without any issues. At times, a family member or friend may not be available to take you to the store. During these situations, a NEMT provider can provide a safe ride to the store and back home.

  • Pharmacy

    When you need to refill your prescription or buy medicine, NEMT services can take you there. This helps reduce the stress of having to go to the pharmacy and making sure you get the medications and health care products you need.

  • Long-Distance Trips

    Additionally, NEMT services are equipped for long-distance trips. Whether you need wedding transportation in Henrico, VA, or transportation to other special events, a NEMT provider can safely transport you over long distances.

We at EliteTrans offer reliable non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia. With your convenience and safety in mind, we offer NEMT services for shopping, errands, and more. Reach out to us to set an appointment.

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