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Travel Tips with Special Needs Children


Holiday vacations and long trips can be a challenge for parents of children with special needs. It requires a lot of serious planning and for some, might also require transportation services for those who are non-ambulatory.

To help you get started with your plans, here are some tips from EliteTrans when traveling with your child with special needs:

  • Make a comprehensive plan. Make sure that you check in with your child’s doctor or physical therapist to determine your child’s physical and emotional needs during travel. This will help you carefully prepare for your trip and anticipate all possible challenges during your trip.
  • Avoid direct flights or long-drives. If you’re going on a holiday vacation far from home, make sure you have stops along the way. Instead of direct flights, take those with lay overs. When driving, make sure you have scenic routes and tour sites you can stop by, so they don’t get antsy sitting for a long period.
  • Pack extra bags. Always make sure to pack extra of everything instead of buying items. It is better to be in excess than not having enough as it can be expensive. While you’re at it, you may also include a “fun” bag that includes items that will entertain your child such as games, coloring books, or their favorite snacks.
  • If your child is in a wheelchair, you may opt to travel using paratransit in Virginia for easier and faster maneuverability and door-to-door service.

To know more about different ways to travel with special needs children or if you are in need for a non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia, contact us now and we’d be happy to assist you.

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