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Signs That Seniors Need NEMT Services


Seniors who have always lived independently and traveled by themselves can find it challenging to acknowledge their need for non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia. Older adults increasingly lose their senses as they age. They might not be aware that using NEMT is safer than operating a vehicle and risking others.

Seniors may not be aware that it’s time to give up driving. The following indicators below may help seniors know that they need transportation services:

  • If seniors frequently have road accidents. Vital senses like eyesight and hearing deteriorate as we age. As a consequence, seniors can end up running into other vehicles or veering off the road. Additionally, failing to recognize pedestrians, hear sirens, and use good judgment when driving are all red flags.
  • If seniors can’t see road signals and signs clearly. Seniors should avoid driving if it gets to the point where they struggle to interpret the traffic lights and signs. They should get their eyes checked as soon as possible.
  • If seniors keep getting lost when they’re strolling around. Seniors can end up getting lost and not finding their way back home. This can be a sign that they’re losing memory or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Obtaining senior transportation in Chesterfield, Virginia is advantageous for your elders when these indicators are clearly present in their behavior. EliteTrans is a top-notch provider of paratransit in Virginia. We help members of all ages faced with physical or mental conditions to get to their destinations with ease and safety. Talk to us today!

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