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Rising Above Disabilities: Helping Students

Rising Above Disabilities: Helping Students

While our societies have slowly started to accept citizens with disabilities, there is still a wall that needs to be broken. Despite our progression, PWDs still struggle to get a shot at a good life. We at EliteTrans are here to help give these people a solid boost and make their dreams a lot more attainable through our student transportation services.

Education is important. It is through education that we learn to manners, etiquette, reading, writing, values, ethics, and other skills that we can use to survive in this harsh world. Students with disabilities face a lot of every-day challenges, and one of them is transportation. Sure, a few school buses are equipped for handling children in wheelchairs, but not all, and the buses that have the equipment can only handle so much.

We are proud to inform you that our non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia is here to help more PWD students – young and old – chase their dreams and take charge of their lives.

Our paratransit in Virginia has other services that you may want to know about, especially if you yourself have trouble getting around. Let us help you live the best life you deserve. Drop by our website or give us a call through 804-464-2681.

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