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Long Distance Trips for Persons With Disabilities


At some point, an event hundreds of miles away may be something a person with a disability needs or wants to be a part of. It could be a wedding, a special family gathering, or a trip with friends. Unfortunately, some people settle for not going because of the complexity and risk of the situation.

Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Midlothian, Virginia is here to make it happen for you or your special someone.

Traveling long-distance should not be impossible and we are here with you to prepare for the journey.

The smart way to start is to plan ahead. What would be needed for the journey and what is expected when you arrive? Stopping by to find an item can take time. You need to book transportation that is appropriate for your loved one’s disabilities. Mention their needs and ask how these will be provided. The more specifics you provide, the easier it is for the transportation company to be definite their solutions.

Consult with the doctor if the trip is safe for the loved one. Ask how the travel can be safer for your loved one.

At EliteTrans, we make sure you and your loved one are safe and comfortable through the journey through our Transportation Services.

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