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Drive Your Own Car or Call a Non-Emergency Transport?

Drive Your Own Car or Call a Non-Emergency Transport?

Do you have your own car that you use to transport your elderly or PWD relatives to and from your home and their doctor’s appointments in lieu of public transportation services?

There are benefits to owning a car or van, of course. They provide you with convenience. If you need to go somewhere in a hurry, you only need to roll open your garage and drive out after loading your passengers into the vehicle. It’s easy as that. Once you’re done, you can just drive home and park in your garage so you can go on with your day.

The only drawback to having your own van or car in the context of non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia is that they likely don’t have features custom-made for transporting elderly or disabled individuals. You can have your car modified, but it’s expensive. It’s money that you can otherwise allocate for the medications or medical appointments of your patient.

On the other hand, if you contact services of paratransit in Virginia for your non-emergency medical transport, what you’ll get is an experienced driver and crew who can load your patient into the vehicle comfortably and safely. The interior of the vehicle has been modified to make it conducive for medical transportation.

What you get then is peace of mind that your patient is as comfortable as he or could be inside a non-emergency medical transport driven by a professional who knows how to drive quickly but safely.

If you need non-emergency medical transportation, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at EliteTrans. We specialize in that exact field and is one of the leading providers of this service in the state of Virginia.

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