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Disabled Travel: Preparing for Long-Distance Trips

Disabled Travel: Preparing for Long-Distance Trips

Long-distance trips may be difficult for persons with disabilities, but it is not a far-fetched dream. As a provider of non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia, we help persons with disabilities to get to their desired destinations safely and comfortably. These trips can be as simple as going to school or showing up in a doctor’s appointment or as far as going for a long-distance vacation.

Here are some useful tips you may want to consider when preparing for an upcoming long-distance trip:

  • Call ahead
    Mention your special needs when doing your reservations or arranging your transportation to avoid hang-ups on the day of your trip.
  • Be specific about your needs or disability
    Some service providers may not know the “lingo” of accessible travel or the medical terms for certain conditions. If possible, give them details of what you can and can’t do, so they can accommodate you.
  • Contact your doctor
    Detail out your trip to your doctors, so they can prescribe measures for limited medical facilities, unavailability of prescriptions, and other possible problems you might encounter.
  • Bring extra medication
    Bring two complete packages of essential medication in case of an emergency. If you’re in a wheelchair, it may also be beneficial to bring spare parts and tools.

Preparing for a long-distance trip may be overwhelming. Make sure your travel is hassle-free by hiring reliable transportation services. We at EliteTrans will ensure that you get to your destination and back risk-free, safe, and comfortable.

Our services include student transportation, shopping and errands, stretcher and gurney transportation, and paratransit in Virginia.

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