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Debunking Common Misconceptions About NEMT

Debunking Common Misconceptions About NEMT

If you are still having second thoughts of availing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Midlothian, Virginia because of the other people’s impression and perception about NEMT, then we are here to prove their statements wrong.

Here are some common misconceptions that most people have about NEMT or Transportation Services that need to be debunked:

  • Myth: Non-emergency medical is too expensive.

    Truth: It costs much less costly than an ambulance ride. Other insurances cover NEMT services.

  • Myth: NEMT services are only for those who are severely injured or have been admitted to the hospital.

    Truth: NEMT is available and can be used by any individual who can’t go to their destinations on their own and this includes patients without insurance, non-compete patients, and people who have medical appointments but don’t need to be in an emergency room.

  • Myth: You need to be admitted into the hospital to receive non-emergency medical transport:

    Truth: Availing NEMT services is perfect for people who need help getting around but don’t need to be in an emergency facility.

The people who can benefit from NEMT includes:

  • Need dialysis treatments daily
  • Have cognitive and physical disabilities
  • Cannot afford other types of transportation
  • Need help getting to a doctor’s appointment
  • Need assistance with adult day care services

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