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Car Modifications for People with Disability

Car Modifications for People with Disability

Using public transit or commuting by yourself can be very hassling if you have disabilities. However, disabilities cannot hinder you from driving. It’s either you opt for professional transportation services or modify your car so you can still drive anyway. Here are some modifications you can make:

  • Hand controls and steering devices
    These devices allow those with limited leg mobility or non-functional legs to control the steering wheel, accelerator, and brake.
    • Adaptive ignition controls
      Instead of using a key to get your car to start, take advantage of advanced technology (usually a remote controller). For instance, you can just press a button anytime you want to start the vehicle.
    • Automatic doors
      Apparently, this is so you would have one less hassle getting into the car. However, if there are times you don’t want to drive, you can also use paratransit in Virginia.
    • Left foot accelerator
      Able Motion Portable Left Foot Accelerator specifically lets you easily operate any vehicle using only your left foot.
    • Seat modifications
      These are useful additions to your car, basically building a bridge from your original seat to the outside of the vehicle so you can slide to your wheelchair or scooter.
    • Wheelchair lifts and ramps
      Wheelchair lifts are powered devices designed to raise a wheelchair so you as the occupant can easily reach the door of your vehicle, and more. Wheelchair ramps, on the other hand, are inclined planes enabling you to navigate in and out the vehicle easily.

    EliteTrans can provide assistance whenever you need non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia.

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