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Benefits of Paratransit Transportation Services


Paratransit in Virginia is an essential service for people with mobility restrictions or non-ambulatory individuals. It is vital that riders with disabilities have access to them so they may be able to get around as comfortable as they can.

In other words, paratransit is one of the transportation services specific to the use of people with mobility restrictions or those with disability.

Some of the benefits of this type of transport service include:

  • Provision of door-to-door service do riders with disabilities or those who are unable to use public transport on their own. They are picked up in their homes and dropped off to their destinations.
  • Advance booking or reservations for non-emergency medical transportation in Midlothian, Virginia so they can get to their scheduled appointments, such as doctor’s visits or medical treatments, on time.
  • Modified or adapted vehicles to meet riders’ specific needs. This makes it easier for them to board or alight the vehicle smoothly and ride as passengers of the vehicle.
  • Allowed boarding of service animals that are trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals help them in various ways like guiding the blind or people with low vision, alerting those with difficulty in hearing or seizures, pulling wheelchairs, and other special tasks to aid the person with disability.

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